Spin-off or new start instead of “Terminator 7”? Linda Hamilton is no longer in the mood for “Dark Fate”!

After the flop of “Terminator: Dark Fate”, more “Terminator” films have probably gotten rid of themselves for now. Returner Linda Hamilton now thinks it is a better idea to start from scratch instead of another sequel …

As Sarah Connor, she became one of the coolest action heroines in film history – apart from the “Terminator” series, however, the huge successes for  Linda Hamilton did not materialize. For ” Terminator: Dark Fate ” she had to fight back to shoot possibly more than one more “Terminator” film. The plan was at least something like that.

But the sixth film of the killer cyborg saga fell on the nose financially, grossing just $261 million worldwide – not even the production and advertising costs. Then Linda Hamilton loses the desire to continue …


In conversation with the Hollywood reporter , the actress was now honest, but also frustrated that the sinfully expensive Sequel did not bring the desired success.

“It would be a pleasure for me not to go back again. So, no, I have no hope because I would really like to have it behind me, ”said the 63-year-old.

The actress also sees a reason for the flop at the box office in the horrendous production costs, which you absolutely have to reduce if you want to continue: “I would like a smaller version, in which not so many millions are at stake. Today’s audience is just so unpredictable. “


Hamilton would have no problem – she says – to finally leave Sarah Connor behind. At the same time, however, she also makes it clear that she would very well be willing to take on the role again if she really addressed an idea. But simply telling the story again would no longer be an option for her.

“I am not someone who clings to old ideas,” said Hamilton. “I just think it would be much more interesting to start over from a different point.”

New actors, new story, new concept? It’s not like you haven’t already tried everything with the science fiction franchise. Whether a restart or a diversion somewhere else, for example with a spin-off or (still) a TV series, but really brings momentum to the saga again?

After the box office flop in Part 6, it is certainly not to be assumed that anything will happen in this direction too soon. Fans of the series who want to contribute at least minimally to damage limitation can still secure the latest chapter of the saga for home cinema. “Terminator: Dark Fate” will be released on March 5, 2020 on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K-Blu-ray* as well as on the FMOVIES *.

“The Witcher” movie on Netflix: This fan favorite becomes the main character of “Nightmare Of The Wolf”

After the first season of “The Witcher” and very likely before the second season comes “The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf”. Now it is clear who will be the main character of the anime film – and it is not Geralt (Henry Cavill)!

So not Geralt. Like probably many other fans, we assumed that the anime film ” The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf ” would focus on the main character of the series ” The Witcher ” (Geralt is also known as “the White Wolf” ). But this assumption has now been shattered.

As can be seen from the already available film entry of “Nightmare Of The Wolf” on Netflix , the focus is instead on another character: Vesemir.


The official Synopsis for “The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf” reads: “Long before he supports Geralt as a mentor, Vesemir begins his own journey as a witcher after the mysterious Deglan claims him thanks to the law of surprise.”

We will see in the anime film how Vesemir, something of a father figure for Geralt and the other wizards from the Wolf School, has become a sorcerer at all. The figure Deglan mentioned in the synopsis seems to be a reinvention of the filmmakers  Beau DeMayoand  Lauren Schmidt Hissrich.

On Free2Watch.net you can watch full season of The Witcher.


The law of surprise is one of the central elements of action in all adaptations of “The Witcher” and also plays an important role in the series: In episode 4 we see how the enchanted knight Urcheon / Duny ( Bart Edwards ) calls the law of surprise, to get the hand of his beloved pavetta ( Gaia Mondadori ).

And after Geralt ( Henry Cavill ) Urcheon / Duny saved his life, he also referred to the law (or right) of surprise as a reward in the same episode: “Give me what you have, but you don’t know about yet As it turns out, this is the unborn child with whom Pavetta is pregnant – and so the fates of Geralt and Ciri ( Freya Allan ) are connected.


A young Vesemir can already be heard in episode 8 of the first season “The Witcher” and is spoken in the original English version by  Theo James (“Divergent” series). It seems unlikely that James was only hired for such a short appearance – so it is quite possible that he will also be heard in “Nightmare Of The Wolf” as Vesemir.

“The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf” will probably be released on Netflix later in 2020.

Nvidia has developed the world’s smallest supercomputer to handle the AI

Although we do not have what to expect that this baby will go to the TOP 500 fastest supercomputers in the world, however, the dimensions in its category is second to none. The future is today!His name is Xavier Jetson NX measures just 75 millimeters and 45 impresses with its amazing capabilities. This future brain autonomous robots, cars or appliances Internet of Things. Single-board supercomputer hides Xavier Tegra chip low voltage version, LPDDR4x 8 GB of memory, 16 GB eMMC 5.1, data, Gigabit network card and a USB 3.1 controller.Nvidia informs that he has Tegra 6-core processor ARMv8.2 of 6 MB and 4 MB of L2 L3 clocked at 1.4 GHz. It could also fail or 384 cores CUDA architecture cores and 48 Volt Tensor clocked at a frequency of 1.1 GHz. As for the dimension of artificial intelligence, it is here we have two accelerators deep learning NVDLA, set top boxes, and GPIO. The system has no problem to handle up to six cameras and display with 4K resolution and refresh at 60 Hz. Jetson Xavier NX can operate in two modes. In one absorbs 10 and the second 15 W. The efficiency performance of an 8-bit integer operations (int8) reaches TOPS 14 and 21, depending on the power consumption. Although this seems very had, however, we are talking here not about the absorption of hundreds of watts, only a dozen or so. Nvidia has revealed that the smallest AI supercomputer in the world will cost 399 US dollars. All equipment is based on software JetPack SDK and is designed for use in autonomous vehicles, robots, mobile devices and wherever they need considerable computing power, and there is not too much room to grow equipment.

Neural networks finally learned to identify materials DeepFake

There’s no denying that in recent years this technology has caused a lot of confusion, manipulating public opinion through false videos or photos. But in the end we managed to find an effective solution to fight it.It looks that way, because that successfully developed an experimental neural network that is able to efficiently distinguish the originals from DeepFakes. All thanks to researchers at the University of California, who started their work from a vast collection of original and manipulated images, marked according to artificial intelligence have a foothold. On the converted images indicated pixels around the boundaries of objects digitally added, because as previously able to determine these are slightly different than in the case of components originally present in the shots.Of course, the human eye is unable to detect this subtle change, but the computer analysis pixel by pixel so already. Yes described DeepFake photos were then made available to the neural network uses algorithms modeled on the human brain and designed to capture certain patterns in the analyzed database. Based on these images AI has learned to identify previously mentioned limits of what has been proven by the work of the pictures, which we had not seen before. Of course, as of now we are not talking yet about 100% efficacy and say the researchers, it may not even be possible, but ensure that their solution can cope perfectly in “most cases”. Moreover, the effectiveness of the current level is sufficient to pre-filter the content, which are then reviewed by humans. What’s more, the neural network is currently only works in the pictures, but the researchers are already planning similar tests in the case of video, where it will work exactly the same way, working on individual cages.As the authors of the new solution: – It is possible that the man was able to see everything that is currently on the network, but on the other hand, do not do this reliably the machine itself. It must be a combination of both. Is it really a new neural network will help us in the fight against DeepFake? It is difficult to predict, especially that so far there is no question about it yet to a particular entity was interested in their rapid implementation, but there is no denying that DeepFake a big problem and something modern network in the end you will have to do with it.

One of the largest data leaks in history. Data over a billion people in network

We regularly inform about further leaks of data, which are nowadays a real plague, but with so huge a long time we did not have to deal – profiles with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others went to the network.For over a decade, identity thieves and other cybercriminals operate on the black market in stolen data, they use to break into our account, steal money or pretend us to achieve the target. In October, one of the researchers dark the net, Vinny Troia, reported that he found a huge database on a secure server, which had a more than 4 terabytes of data containing personal information on 1.2 billion users.Today, it turns out, however, that although these numbers are impressive, fortunately there are no sensitive data like passwords, credit card numbers or social security numbers. On the other hand, the list contains the profiles of hundreds of millions of users of such sites, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, employment histories of LinkedIn, 50 million unique phone numbers and 622 million e-mail addresses.Troia says: – It’s bad that someone has left this data unprotected. This is the first time when I see social media profiles collected and merged with information about profiles on such a scale. From the perspective of the attacker, if the goal is impersonating someone or take control of the accounts, we have names, phone numbers and profiles associated with the URL. That’s a lot of information in one place, if you want to deal with criminal activity. And what is unique in all of this is a massive amount of data collected.The researcher found during the search server in another case, the IP address leads to the Google Cloud Services, so as a matter of fact do not know who collected this amount of data. It is also unclear if anyone else had noticed a scientist base and benefited from it, but this is unlikely, because in his opinion, to find and gain access to the server is very simple. Is the data correct? Service Wired decided to check it out and in the case of six selected people received the relevant data on four of them, so the case is serious. Troia informed the FBI about everything and within a few hours the server was removed from the network … so that there is no assurance that the service, because they refuse to comment on.