Spin-off or new start instead of “Terminator 7”? Linda Hamilton is no longer in the mood for “Dark Fate”!

After the flop of “Terminator: Dark Fate”, more “Terminator” films have probably gotten rid of themselves for now. Returner Linda Hamilton now thinks it is a better idea to start from scratch instead of another sequel … As Sarah Connor, she became one of the coolest action heroines in film history – apart from the “Terminator” […]

“The Witcher” movie on Netflix: This fan favorite becomes the main character of “Nightmare Of The Wolf”

After the first season of “The Witcher” and very likely before the second season comes “The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf”. Now it is clear who will be the main character of the anime film – and it is not Geralt (Henry Cavill)! So not Geralt. Like probably many other fans, we assumed that the anime film […]