Game Of Thrones Season 8 Watchmen & Co The you need to know about the home theater highlights of the week

“Game Of Thrones” Season 8, “Watchmen” & Co .: The you need to know about the home theater highlights of the week

While shows like “Game Of Thrones” and “The Big Bang Theory” are one and for all to end, Zack Snyder is comic epic “Watchmen” subsequently expanded with the Ultimate Cut. We tell you which also appear DVDs and Blu-rays again.

The Black Friday Week is over. While some savings actions now run out, there are now once again an extra charge of offers for Cyber ​​Monday *.

At the same time deal with this week, however, two of the most popular series of the past decade and for all in the home theater to an end. But what is there to know, for home theater start of the eighth season of “Game Of Thrones” and the twelfth season of “The Big Bang Theory”? And what new products place this week even as the stores? We have summarized the highlights for you!

“Game Of Thrones”: Staffel 8 & Komplettbox

The popular Westeros saga was controversial to the end, is – because fantasy fans are still largely united – but still with the best of what they had to offer the world series in recent years. Befitting there is therefore not only the most recent season on DVD and Blu-ray as well as 4K Blu-ray, but also a set with all eight seasons.

Depending on whether one, there are only Season 8 is about the individual episodes or sets you also value the trappings including as Digipak and Steelbook. The same applies to Komplettbox: In addition to inexpensive versions on DVD and Blu-ray, there is exclusive to Amazon, a Limited Collector’s Edition, which comes in a stylish wooden box and is equipped with plenty of bonus – for fans with some small change. The set costs a proud 399.99 Euros.

Anyone who wants to enjoy the visually stunning series in 4K, for a while, however, must probably still wait. Except for Season 8, the right appears to be here have so far only Season 1 to 4K Blu-ray available.

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“Watchmen”: Finally Ultimate Cut

Actually incredible, but in the US the Ultimate Cut of Zack Snyder’s “Watchmen” was first published in November 2009 – that is over ten years ago! No wonder that German fans slowly gave up even the hope of a local publication and many therefore resorted to import. This is from December 5, 2019 finally no longer necessary!

Paramount released the 215 minutes (!) Long cut version, which consists of the Director’s Cut, including the animated film “Tales Of The Black Freighter” last ray 4K Blu-also in Germany on Blu-ray as well. Both versions are also available in the Steelbook, the two strictly limited mediabook editions are sold out already for the launch.

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Series highlights from “Big Bang Theory” to “Firefly”

This week is a veritable bevy of new series expands – from “The Handmaid’s Tale” about “Fear The Walking Dead” and “The Boat” to “The Simpsons”. In addition, fans can the most popular TV Nerd troupe delighted the past decade on the twelfth and final season of “The Big Bang Theory”. In the same breath Warner also publishes a large Komplettbox with all seasons * Blu-ray dvd.

Series fans with a weakness for fancy special editions, shelf space and a well-filled purse expected * also yet another gem with the Collector’s Edition to “Firefly”. The cult science fiction series will be issued in a limited edition of only 1,500 pieces Edition, which not only contains all 14 episodes on Blu-ray in a chic Media Book, it also comes with a 6.5-kilogram bust of Serenity. Cost: 299.99 euros.

New editions: Steel Books, Media Book and VHS editions

Whether classic or hit movie of recent years: Verpackungsfetisichisten can look forward to some new editions of popular films fmovies. In addition to new Steel Books to “Aquaman” * and “The Hunger Games” series * the German home theater market continues to float on the retro wave. Thus, “Fire and Ice”, “Blues Brothers” and “Black Christmas” appear (under the German title “Jessy – The stairs to death”) as a limited-edition VHS *. But beware: The new editions with a vintage look like that look like that, but do not include the respective films on VHS – but “only” on Blu-ray.

The Christmas Slasher “Black Christmas”, the second remake the way, comes to theaters on December 12, 2019 also appears in the Media Book – just as John Carpenter’s “The Thing” *, the “Robin appears in three cover versions, Hood – Prince of thieves “* with Kevin Costner and” the Neverending story “*.

Other new products: “Dragon Ball” to Almodóvar

Anime fans will also be served and can look at other than delighted: “Resurrection, F ‘Dragon Ball Z’ ‘Dragon Ball Broly Super” or the Limited Edition. Also new to appear include “suffering and glory” of legendary director Pedro Almodovar, “The way you want me to be” with Juliette Binoche and “The Professor And The Madman” starring Sean Penn and Mel Gibson.

At a glance: All new this week on DVD & Blu-ray

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