One of the largest data leaks in history. Data over a billion people in network

We regularly inform about further leaks of data, which are nowadays a real plague, but with so huge a long time we did not have to deal – profiles with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others went to the network.For over a decade, identity thieves and other cybercriminals operate on the black market in stolen data, they use to break into our account, steal money or pretend us to achieve the target. In October, one of the researchers dark the net, Vinny Troia, reported that he found a huge database on a secure server, which had a more than 4 terabytes of data containing personal information on 1.2 billion users.Today, it turns out, however, that although these numbers are impressive, fortunately there are no sensitive data like passwords, credit card numbers or social security numbers. On the other hand, the list contains the profiles of hundreds of millions of users of such sites, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, employment histories of LinkedIn, 50 million unique phone numbers and 622 million e-mail addresses.Troia says: – It’s bad that someone has left this data unprotected. This is the first time when I see social media profiles collected and merged with information about profiles on such a scale. From the perspective of the attacker, if the goal is impersonating someone or take control of the accounts, we have names, phone numbers and profiles associated with the URL. That’s a lot of information in one place, if you want to deal with criminal activity. And what is unique in all of this is a massive amount of data collected.The researcher found during the search server in another case, the IP address leads to the Google Cloud Services, so as a matter of fact do not know who collected this amount of data. It is also unclear if anyone else had noticed a scientist base and benefited from it, but this is unlikely, because in his opinion, to find and gain access to the server is very simple. Is the data correct? Service Wired decided to check it out and in the case of six selected people received the relevant data on four of them, so the case is serious. Troia informed the FBI about everything and within a few hours the server was removed from the network … so that there is no assurance that the service, because they refuse to comment on.