NASA is seriously considering detonating a nuclear bomb on the lunar surface The US Space Agency is making more and more progress with its return to the moon program and its plans for human settlement there. Scientists are considering the implementation of interesting projects that are to help in its colonization.

NASA announced that it has prepared a very interesting plan in which nuclear bombs will be detonated on the surface of the natural satellite of our planet. In this way, scientists want to make it easier for robots to implement large projects related to space mining and extraction of valuable raw materials. The plan will not be easy to implement, but the government may have no other option.

Americans have ambitious plans for the Silver Globe. They want to use it as a starting point not only in missions to Mars, but also to other solar system objects. For this to be possible at all, the first colonies on the Silver Globe must be self-sufficient. In this, space mining will help.

At the start of the Artemis program, the robots landing there will not be too large, and there are huge stretches of lunar soil to be combed. It contains valuable resources such as helium-3 and water. Scientists have devised a plan to make robots work easier by detonating nuclear charges on the moon. They will help break the rocks and make deeper wells.

The problem of radiation on the Silver Globe does not matter much, as there is no atmosphere and no magnetic field, so there is high radiation there. Astronauts will be there in special protective suits, and the bases will be hidden from radiation under the surface. The plan may seem highly controversial, but it may be the only option for a successful Artemis program.

For now, it is not known when NASA scientists plan to carry out a mission in which nuclear weapons will be delivered to the moon and used, but we can expect that it will be the mid-1920s. The use of nuclear weapons in space is nothing new. Scientists plan to use it, for example, to break through the ice crust on Europe, the moon of Jupiter and Enceladus, the moon of Saturn (see here).

NASA also revealed that during the first landing of humans on the moon in the 21st century, two people will come to the surface. Although it is still unknown who will be honored, it is certain that the first woman will come to the surface. The pair of astronauts will remain afloat for almost 7 days and will conduct important research on this fascinating object. An advanced rover is to help them explore.