This video shows how long the history of the Earth is and the short history of our civilization The movie lasts less than 4 minutes, but after watching it, you will completely change your concept of the passage of time and you will understand that the history of mankind is not even a second in hours of our planet's history.

A very interesting footage has appeared on the Science Insider channel on YouTube. In a simple but at the same time vivid way, it shows how the Earth evolved and the history of our civilization unfolded. Although we live a long life from our perspective, and a lot of significant events for humanity have happened over the last centuries, all of them really happened in a short time, if we look at it from the perspective of the evolution of the universe.

The entire animation was presented on the map of our planet and spread over the route connecting some of the largest cities in the United States, namely Los Angeles and New York. The creators included in their material such key periods as the appearance of the first rocks, building blocks of life, oxygen in the atmosphere, plants, and the division of Pangea into 7 continents.

The closer to the finish line, the more important things happened for humanity. It is safe to say that only in the last 2,000 years, or even 200 years, our civilization began to develop into power. Looking at our current technological advances, it's hard to think what the world will be like in just a few decades.

Futurologists believe that the history of living organisms on our planet will soon come full circle. Even at this age, we are to begin to seriously modify our bodies and thus cheat the evolution that is proceeding very slowly and no longer fulfills its role in our rapidly developing civilization. Modifying bodies will be a key element of our desire to become an interplanetary civilization and the moment we come to leave our planet.

We owe it all to her. It was she who made it on the road of billions of years of changes from simple building blocks of life until today, when we have become intelligent and conscious beings who now want to move to other worlds and continue their development there.