Top television set down at Saturn

The Super Sale at Saturn will run until this evening. In the winter sales, the Technology dealers on attractive offers in all categories. Above all, we looked at the televisions and found that you can get cheaper at Amazon, despite the low prices at Saturn.

The link takes you to the main sales page, where you can also see the offers for smartphones, notebooks and of course everything related to home cinema.

Super sale at Saturn: These televisions are also worthwhile on Amazon

Saturn advertises with a direct discount of 30 percent for these offers.

TV model 1: LG OLED55CX9LA OLED TV (Flat, 55 inches / 139 cm, UHD 4K)

Test results: "Very good" for Chip and 1.4 for test reports

TV model 2: Samsung QLED 4K Q60T 138 cm (55 inches)

Test result: 1.9 for test reports

TV model 3: LG 86UN85006LA LCD TV (Flat, 86 inches / 217 cm, UHD 4K)

Test result: 5 stars at Techstage

Only today: What else you need to know about the super sale

At Saturn you get free delivery for purchases of 59 euros or more. This applies to all products. In addition, the sale only runs StreamPlanet 11:59 p.m. tonight. The super sale was originally supposed to run until the beginning of March, but many items were sold out quickly.

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