The Invisible Man with women 3 Charlies Angels director makes Invisible Woman

“The Invisible Man” with women? “3 Charlie’s Angels” director makes “Invisible Woman”

On February 27, 2020 Leigh Whannells horror film “The Invisible Man running in German cinemas. “3 Charlie’s Angels” director Elizabeth Banks now plans to “Invisible Woman”. However, the two productions have anything to do with each other?

With the remake of “The Mummy” directed by Alex Kurtzman Universal wanted to establish a whole new monster cosmos. Just as in the MCU, should romp a variety of characters in their own films and shared in the “Dark Universe” that ultimately all interconnected. For that Universal wanted to put on classic monsters like Frankenstein, Dracula and Co.. After mummies-flop that particular idea was put quickly to the files, or completely revised:

Now the monsters in independent Universal movies come to life. Brand new announced: Elizabeth Banks’ “Invisible Woman”.

Brand new announced: Elizabeth Banks’ “Invisible Woman”

As Variety reports, the “Pitch Perfect” actress and “Charlie’s Angels 3” has pitched the idea -Regisseurin that just like Leigh Whannells film “The Invisible Man”, on the novel classic by H. G. Wells based. Along with Erin Cressida Wilson ( “Girl On The Train”), she has written a screenplay, and will release the film as a director on the canvas. The main role is also to take over Banks.

The main role is also to take over Banks.

Is “Invisible Woman” a sequel to “The Invisible Man”?

“Invisible Woman” is likewise “Man The Invisible” based on HG Wells’ classic novel from 1897, but not with the adaptation of Leigh Whannell, running in the theaters on February 27, 2020 and part of Universal’s new Monster plan is to have to do.

Indeed, there is already that of Wells’ classic inspired “The Invisible Woman” films, but also of these, the upcoming movie to be different. Banks give mysteriously, as Variety.

Monster Horror or invisible women in society?

Leigh Whannells “The Invisible Man” can escape Cecilia (Elisabeth Moss) from the clutches of her violent husband and hide with her sister. When her then but (supposedly) killing ex and Cecilia inherits a fortune, she must relive pain. It is by an invisible force that drives them to madness, persecuted.

What Banks plans with their “Invisible Woman”, is still completely uncertain. However, it is likely to have lots of options – from a classic horror film about a more comedic approach to a social comment. Finally, women continue to be in our society as overlooked before like …

What Banks plans with their “Invisible Woman”, is still completely uncertain.